Trying to hear the rain

A shock of new bamboo
And a waft of greenling thrushes
The wind goes swishing with them by
Conversing? Or perhaps maybe hushes
I do not know which one of them make it
Or whether they're laughs or sighs
It could be one and all same
I think it is 
It must be just
A kindergartner class
Trying to hear the rain


Rock creek

I've come here as I've come before 
Only it's dark
And there are no bedtimes
It is twilight
But my heart is placed
So perfectly within

These planes are placid 
For being stranged
And barely bade self-passage 
Through with rains,
The creek whispers it's thanks
But I blush with builder's sin 

Streets have started
Making themselves 
And streams have stopped 
Singing to themselves
Not to mention 
Whereto has gone the singing 
In the interim

At least We are a twilight yet
And one without the fear of home
You for never having seen the sea
Me for no longer to another belonging 

It is dark
But my heart is placed 
So perfectly within
To sit with you in murk
And begin
To serenade our endings



What an unremarkable day
It is a wonder 
That I noticed it
That I sensed this sleeper
Creeping over
Yet here it is 
And I still
I still don't even remember
What day it is

The rim of the world

The rim glows 
An abundance of color
Of moving shaping wafting tastes
Of days made in another time
But what you'd call another place

The rim glows
And I may never see the world
But I have seen the sun
And In that way
Across that glow
I must have seen enough
To know across times
And places to go

I must have seen enough 
To see the sun
Turn into some othertime
Some otherwhere else


25 du 30

Tell me how long the train's been 
And when it will be back again
It will be back 
It will

Tell me how long she's been 
And if she will be back again
She be back
But then...

Tell how gone the earth is 
An why it turns around again
And again it turns around
It will


A creation

Whenever did I explode
And fragment over
The Green plastic coverings 
Of electric monstrosities

Their censored mugs are most displeasing 
But most displacing is their queasy ernestness
Attempting validation
This must be god and his creation